Juice-Fast Recipe Favorites

Juice Fast RecipeI recently did a 3-day juice fast. There’s nothing that makes you dig around for and appreciate the variety of flavors and energetic qualities of different fruits and vegetables as fasting. With so little energy tied up in digestion, the body quickly steps into healing mode and sends strong clear messages about what it wants and doesn’t want – how refreshing! I sought out some never-tried-before combinations (thanks to the many recipe-sharers on the internet!) and engaged in spontaneous kitchen experimentation. If you’re hankering something new to delight your juicer’s palette, here’s a few juice-fast recipe ideas:


4 Pillars of THE BEST Detox for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Detox for Weight LossDetox for Weight Loss: Many of us make repeated attempts with weight loss and cleansing diets, but don’t achieve the desired results because we fall into these common pitfalls:

Confusion – there’s a ton of conflicting information and product promises out there!

Uninspiring results – you don’t look and feel better fast enough to gain momentum, or what worked for you in the past no longer seems to, so you give up…

Old patterns of struggle, fear and failure rear their monstrous heads, and seem too great to overcome with mere mortal willpower.

The best detox and weight loss diet plans need to solve these problems – or they’re not likely to work!

This article explains the 4 pillars of the best detox for weight loss diet plan – best because it’s effective and brings results quickly, because it’s safe and will result in outstanding health over time, and because it addresses your mindset and emotions and gives you tools for working with fear, resistance and other emotions that trigger self-sabotage.


Pillar #1: Awaken Waste

The following techniques prepare excess weight and toxic accumulation to exit the body: