How To Aid Digestion of Raw Vegetables

challenge veg saladThe benefits of consuming a diet replete with raw vegetables of all colors and kinds are enormous, but some people often get gas or bloating trying to digest them.  These foods are the healers and life-givers.  They alkalize our blood, prevent aging and disease, provide the enzymes necessary for digestion and metabolism, support immunity and vital organ function, and much more.  Because so much of the enzyme and nutrient potential in plant food is lost with cooking (approximately 85% by most estimations), consuming lots of vegetables in their raw form is key to vibrant health and longevity.

However, some people experience difficulty when they eat a salad, cole slaw, or some other favorite raw dish.  They find it creates gas, bloating or loose stool.

The thing that makes digestion of raw vegetables difficult for some is the cellulose, or insoluble fiber.  Cellulase, the enzyme that breaks down cellulose, is produced by intestinal bacteria, so if there is dysbiosis in the small intestine, production of cellulase may be diminished.

In fact, in Chinese medicine, consuming lots of raw vegetables is not considered ideal for everyone, and particularly not for people with weak digestive fire.

SO how to aid in the digestion of raw vegetables so that you can reap the health benefits without negative after-effects?