Altering the Terrain – The True Cause of Disease


The True Cause of Disease

It is said that in his final hours Louis Pasteur
 proclaimed that “the terrain is everything.”
 Simply put, this was an admission that
 the true cause of disease is the internal
 environment of a living organism, not 
external micro-organisms. It is the state
 of this internal environment — the terrain
— which either allows for germs to invade
 and injure the organism or fends them

With virtually every patient, and every disease that I treat, there are 3 main approaches that blend together to form an effective treatment plan. These are:

1. Rooting out the source/ true cause of disease – the bacteria, the cancer, the toxin.

2. Supporting the vital energy of the body.

3. Altering the terrain.

The conventional medical approach is focused on #1, killing the pathogen or the rogue cells, and drugs like chemotherapy and antibiotics are hard-hitters in this realm. Natural medicine has its own vast artillery that are weaker in action, yet more complex, which can be more advantageous (there are pro’s and con’s to both!). Yet

killing off bacteria 
and viruses is not the be all and end all
 of either curing disease nor preserving 


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First Aid for Tick Bites & Lyme Disease Prevention

Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a serious health threat to people of every age, race, and creed who live in the Hudson Valley, and many other areas across the country too. The truth is, knowledge is power, and we need to learn how to respond to the threat of Tick Bites and Lyme disease with intelligence and discernment.

Avoid Getting Bit By Ticks                               

Following are recommended ways to avoid getting bit by ticks in the first place, short of staying indoors, which doesn’t seem to me like a very healthy solution. You might choose those options that work best for you.


Easy to Grow Medicinal Plants & How to Use Them

Growing Medicinal HerbsHello!
I hope this note finds you well and enjoying this most vibrant time of year. Interested in growing medicinal herbs? Plants, and especially herbs, are a bit of an obsession for me all year round, but in the springtime it’s all about planting and growing (or attempting to grow) everything I can get my hands on, especially vegetables for eating and juicing, herbs for medicine-making, and flowers to beautify my world.

One of the things I love most about the growing season are the many opportunities to study plants – in the garden, in the yard, and in the wild. You don’t need much to connect to nature and the plant world in this way – a wild edible or medicinal plant field guide for your region, a line-free notebook, pen, pencil, and some water.