Fasting and How to Reap the Benefits

Different Fasting options to suit every body

The 3 types of fasting I will cover today include juice fasting, fruit fasting, and intermittent fasting. There are other types of fasts, but these are the ones that I feel are most helpful for our collective aim of cleansing and healing the body. Also, I find these types of fasts to be the most easily woven into the modern daily life.

First off, all types of fasting offer cleansing and detoxification. And depending on your individual lifestyle, health issues, goals, and body chemistry, different methods of fasting will be appropriate for different people, and at different times in life. For example, if you find the 3-day juice fasting difficult in certain ways, you might experiment with a different method of fasting next month. And, since all things change, it is natural for your needs to change, so it’s useful to be aware of different options.


Juice Fasting

Juice fasting offers a great way to encourage detoxification and increase health and vitality. The nutritional power of fresh organic juices will help your body to heal, rebuild, and detoxify waste products. Many people find juice fasting to provide the energy they need to make it through work and family responsibilities, while freeing up energy and creating a greater sense of well-being. READ MORE >