Probiotics & Your Immunity



We know that probiotics are such a key component of our GI health, and affect many aspects of our immunity and health in general, as you will see, I wanted to give you some clear information about why they’re important, and how to integrate them into your personal healthcare routines.

So, I’ll start with this interesting fact that says a lot!

THERE ARE MORE BACTERIA IN YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM THAN CELLS IN YOUR BODY – FOUR POUNDS worth! That’s the weight of the good, the bad, and the neutral types of bacteria. This weight is comparable to that of the liver, and in a sense the bacteria of the digestive system really do function like a vital organ given all of the foundational roles that they play within our bodies as you will see.

It’s the “good” bacteria, or probiotic (meaning “pro-life” flora) that we focus on in our efforts to Continue reading

Queen Anne’s Lace as Birthcontrol

Many women look outside the realm of Western medicine to treat menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, birth, menopause, and many other issues. The options available for birth control from conventional gynecological practice are sorely inadequate. Synthetic birth control potentiates cancer and overrides our bodies natural delicate hormonal feedback systems, resulting in side-effects, hormonal imbalance, and compromises fertility when taken long-term. There are many personal reasons why the various barrier methods are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and at times unavailable, or worse, ineffective.

The fact is, people have used plants to manage women’s health issues, including birth control, for thousands of years. READ MORE >