Acidity & Alkalinity – What it Means to Your Health

Acidity and alkalinity refers to the spectrum of pH in our blood. pH stands for “potential of hydrogen” and is the acid-alkaline measurement in our bodies, which ranges from 0-14.

Why does this matter? We evolved in an alkaline ocean environment, and human blood and body tissue in a state of health has an alkaline pH of 7.4 (alkaline = pH of 7-14; acid = pH of 0-7).

In fact, all basic metabolic processes depend on an alkaline environment. As long as the body has a pH of 7.4, it is able to fight disease, produce sufficient hormones and enzymes, maintain strong bones, keep disease-triggering genes turned “off”, and a vast array of other cellular functions.

On the other hand, when the body sinks into an acidic pH, the growth of harmful bacteria, fungus, yeast and other micro-organisms is promoted from within. Acidity also promotes obesity, because one of the ways that the body protects the vital organs from toxins is to create a buffer with fat cells.

Acidity lowers the immune system, and a major cause of allergies is the absorption of undigested proteins into the bloodstream from the small intestine due to an overly acidic body.

Fatigue and many other symptoms are directly related to a state of hyper-acidity and toxicity, which weakens the body’s ability to produce enzymes and hormones and diminishes cellular functioning across the board.

All cancer, degenerative and auto-immune diseases, and disease-causing organisms develop only in an acidic environment. In a nutshell, acidity is a pre-requisite for disease.

The crux of the matter is two-fold:

1. How much acidity your body is being asked to process on a daily basis; and

2. Your body’s ability to process out these acids from your system every day.

Where do acids come from?

Inside our bodies:

Acids are a natural by product of metabolic processes within the body. For example, when we exercise we produce lactic acid and carbon dioxide, both acidic substances. Our immune response and stress response generate substantial amounts of acidic by-products, which is why it’s tiring and de-hydrating to have allergies, be fighting an illness, or experiencing stress. We also generate acids when we eat and digest food, particularly proteins.

Outside our bodies:

Acidic substances also come into us from many foods and beverages. Our environment has become more acidic as it has become more polluted, so depending on where you live, you take in various amounts of acidity from the air, the water, and other environmental factors. All kinds of chemicals, sugars, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, and all other toxins and poisons are extremely acidic in nature.

What’s a body to do?

There are countless chemical reactions necessary for life that can only occur within a very specific pH range, so the body has many checks and balances to maintain pH within a narrow range. To regain the alkaline state necessary for our health and survival, acids from all sources must be buffered or neutralized.

The body is very sensitive to its pH level, so strong mechanisms exist to maintain it. Outside the acceptable range of pH, proteins are denatured, enzymes lose their ability to function, and death of cells, tissues, and ultimately the organism may occur. If our blood pH drops from 7.35 to lower than 7, a person may lapse into coma and die.

As such, all major organs work in service of the blood. If blood pH lowers (i.e. becomes more acidic), all other body functions are used to support correction to a pH of 7.35.

When our diets provides insufficient alkaline and mineral-rich foods – which is true for almost all of us, the mineral pools become depleted and the intracellular environment becomes acidic.

This acidic internal environment directly impairs energy production and increases free radical production, which leads to many of the signs and symptoms we associate with aging.

Most Americans live in a state of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis. This condition contributes to modern aging, development of cancer and degenerative diseases, loss of bone minerals, loss of muscle mass, and a reduction in growth hormone.

The Tao of Alkalizing

When you are alkalized, you are also energized. And when you are energized you feel better and think better.

The Radical Radiance Program teaches you how to counter hyperacidity and build your stores of alkalinity and minerals within your body’s tissues. This gives you a strong immunity and unsurpassed level of disease resistance, vitality, clarity, and youthfulness.

Here are some of the many important ways to build alkalinity in your body, all of which we explore in depth in our cleansing and treatment programs because this process is crucial to changing the root cause that developed into the inflammation, the malignant growth, the symptoms that we identify as disease.

1. Drink plenty of fresh spring water with lemon to give your blood, liver, and kidneys the living liquid matrix it needs to clear acidity daily.

2. Virtually all foods contain some acids. Far fewer foods contain alkalis, all of which are fruits and vegetables. The SAD (Standard American Diet) is approximately 90% acidic food and 10% alkaline. The recommended ratio of alkaline to acid foods for health and disease-prevention is 80% alkaline : 20% acids.

3. Deep breathing is alkalizing.

4. Gentle exercise is alkalizing.

5. Meditation is alkalizing.

6. Forgiveness and love are alkalizing.

7. Forested mountain air and the ocean are alkalizing.

Acid/alkaline balance is not discussed in mainstream medicine, because there is no payoff for the medical industry. This has nothing to do with its efficacy as a health strategy and everything to do with its ease of implementation and low cost.

Balance is the key. Continual effort at alkalizing is necessary because our lives and our world, and the diet we’re accustomed to, is seriously imbalanced towards acidity.

Look again now at this list – these things are free except for the cost of food. These are choices that constitute how we spend our hours and our days, and what we choose to put into our bodies. Diseases like cancer are preventable! Right here you have the knowledge that will keep you healthy for a lifetime. Need some help and support? That’s what we’re here for!