Fresh Ideas For Staying Healthy & Clean This Holiday Season

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday feasting and celebration time is about to commence. While gatherings are essential and fun, many people who have food sensitivities and health issues struggle to maintain their integrity through all of the temptation. As a result, important boundaries are compromised, and your weight or immunity suffers. Social stress and consuming too much of what are body cannot handle can lead to illness that can last throughout the winter months – it’s not worth it!

Wouldn’t it be better to approach holiday socializing with a clear set of intentions and boundaries, a strategic plan that maximizes your way of enjoying life, rather than bending to other’s expectations? Here are some ideas for maximizing the fun and minimizing the damage of holiday celebration time…


1. Know your holiday stress points & take care of YOU. Do certain family members put you on edge? Do you take on too much and then find you don’t have time for it all? Start by asking yourself what makes you feel most pressured or irritable, and then what choices do you have to make this stress more manageable?

For example, Can you gracefully bow out of gatherings or obligations you no longer enjoy? Do you really need to bake all those cookies? Can this be the year you send a Christmas email or a link to your Facebook page instead of all those cards?
 If you have to see a difficult relative, arrange something fun and rewarding afterward. Give yourself permission to say NO to what won’t be fun for you, and to attend gatherings on your own terms.

2. Get Clear: What are the non-negotiables? What are the practices that you know to be the bedrock of your physical, mental and spiritual health? These will be different for different people, so each of you need to be clear about what you must promise to do for yourself every day, no matter what – and what you will not do or eat or drink when you are out in that big crazy world at holiday time. This is key to maintaining stability and good health throughout the holidays.

3. Bring the salad. If you practice a Cleansing Lifestyle, or know that certain common foods make you ill, then be the person that brings a healthy raw foods option to the potluck or party. It will stand out as light, fresh, and delicious among the heavier cooked foods. It can be the center of your meal so that you leave feeling good, rather than bloated and stagnant.

4. Set an intention ahead of time – If you’re going to a gathering where you know you’ll be tempted by foods or challenged by family members, sort it out ahead of time. Be energetically and personally responsible to yourself, and plan ahead what you do and do not want to feel and do. This will help you enter the fray with clarity and centeredness, so you can enjoy yourself on your own terms.

5. Allow for flexibility and enjoyment. If you’re someone who tend to be strict with themselves regarding diet and routines, then remember: life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, and it’s OK to have a little wine or desert or stay up late on occasion.


How To Bring Light To The Season Of Darkness

Winter Blues

Here we are heading into the darkest time of the year. How can we cultivate lightness of being when the outer world descends every day further into the longest nights and shortest days of winter solstice time?

images Here are some thoughts:

1. Embrace The Darkness –

We all carry within us the forces of dark and light, but it’s the darker side of ourselves that we tend to keep hidden. Sadness, anger, despair, depression – it’s hard for us not to judge and resist these emotions. But oncoming winter seems to offer a time to surrender to our dark side, to stop resisting the underbelly of life, and even welcome it to our table. This season serves as a reminder that we need the loss of light and life, the turning inward and downward of life force energy, in order to be whole and complete. If this time of year is calling out your inner darkness, you may find great solace and wisdom in Thomas Moore’s classic book, Dark Nights of the Soul, which brings recognition, honor, and self-realization to our shadow selves.

2. Cultivate Lightness of Being –

The ancient Taoist wisdom guides us to sleep long hours, be less active, make fewer commitments, and turn our attention inward. While getting some fresh air, sunshine and exercise is one of the best ways I know of to keep healthy, happy and warm throughout the winter, this is truly an ideal time to develop a meditation practice, to light a candle and play angelic music, or to practice restorative yoga. Our external environment is but a reflection of the inner, and as the trees withdraw their energy from the leaves and let them go in order to send the life force deep underground to rejuvenate the roots for next year’s growth, so too must we.

3. Recommit To Your Highest Potential –

Poised like a seed awaiting dark earth and water, inside the ending of the passing year is held the potential of the coming year. Rather than giving up on those dreams of health, fitness, weight loss, self-confidence, vibrant energy, or whatever you might have envisioned for yourself earlier this year, realize that it’s not too late (it’s never too late!)! To support you in your pursuit of physical detoxification, health generation, clarity, joy, and inner peace, my dear friend and colleague Holly Shelowitz and I have created a raw food-centric cleansing and cooking class, just for you and your magnificent holiday season. Click here to find out more!


Pharmaceuticals: How to Approach Their Use

When a health issue comes up, many of us head to the doctor first. We want to find out what’s going on. Aside from untitleddiagnostics, we’re often handed a script for some form of medication. Whether or not to take this medication, how to wean off of a medication that you’ve been on for some time, and how to avoid taking them in the first place is the topic of this week’s article.

As I’m sure you know, I am not a physician and instead offer my opinion from the perspective of an expert in natural medicine and detoxification.

Here is what we know: medications are toxic and extremely harmful to the equilibrium of the body and the planet. Minor and major side-effects or allergic reactions to medications are not uncommon, and pharmaceutically-induced death is sharply on the rise. Indeed, one of the best things you can do for your health as you age is stay off of medication as much as possible.

We also know that a clean, healthy body will be able to beautifully regulate all systems and functions of the body, and that whatever the reason you have been prescribed a medication, there is often a natural treatment strategy that can correct it. Typically these come down to the basics of changing the diet, engaging in gentle daily cleansing routines, and helping the body self-correct through the use of non-toxic treatments such as acupuncture and/or herbal medicine. The more serious your symptoms or disease, the greater the commitment must be on your part to change the internal conditions that set the stage for your disease to develop.

There are circumstances and illnesses where medication may play a necessary role. My approach to pharmaceuticals is that they be considered with the highest intelligence and discretion. What follows is some important advice around how to be an empowered and informed patient in relation to taking medication.

1. Do not leave you doctor’s office without getting all of your questions answered. Take careful notes, and do not allow yourself to be bulldozed or ignored. Make sure you fully understand what he or she is recommending and why.

2. Do your research. You should know the generic name of the prescription, all possible side effects and complications, what it has been prescribed for in the past (many medications are used to treat multiple issues) and your exact dosage. You should know exactly what you are getting into and take responsibility for being fully informed.

3. Consider where you are in the transition towards becoming independently healthy. How long have you been juicing, eating a clean diet, and engaged in gentle practices of detoxification? This will tell you your body’s ability to regulate itself. A highly alkaline system can fight infection better than an acidic system, and a long-time vegetable-rich and juice-filled lifestyle allows you to handle deeply emotional situations with more strength and intuition.

4. Gauge you level of discomfort. If you can easily bear your symptoms while you give your system a chance to do its work, you may not decide to interfere. If you are in constant pain that makes life unbearable you may decide to try medication.

5. Exhaust all other options. Have you tried acupuncture, emotional therapy, physical therapy, rolfing, and guided meditation? Medication should be a last resort.

6. Make sure you understand the length of time you are dealing with. Is this a long-term chronic pain, or something quick and commonly treated? The longer the medication is taken, the more it accumulates in the system.

7. Do not make any snap decisions. I often have clients meet with me for the first time and decide to go right off their anti-depressants. It is important to wean slowly and gradually off of any medication, and some (for mood and sleep disorders for example) may require months of careful reduction. It is often wise to seek the guidance of a wise alternative practitioner for help with side-effect, detoxification, and regulation of the body’s functions during this process.

8. Boosting your alkalinity with additional green juice and taking high-quality probiotics will help your body to stay strong during a cycle of medication. Avoiding all starches and sweeteners other than stevia or honey until all medication has left the system is also essential, so that additional yeast and fungal growth does not take place during the process.

Please remember, there are no gold stars for pain and suffering, and no guilt for any choices that are well researched, and made with the highest good in mind!

Probiotics & Your Immunity



We know that probiotics are such a key component of our GI health, and affect many aspects of our immunity and health in general, as you will see, I wanted to give you some clear information about why they’re important, and how to integrate them into your personal healthcare routines.

So, I’ll start with this interesting fact that says a lot!

THERE ARE MORE BACTERIA IN YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM THAN CELLS IN YOUR BODY – FOUR POUNDS worth! That’s the weight of the good, the bad, and the neutral types of bacteria. This weight is comparable to that of the liver, and in a sense the bacteria of the digestive system really do function like a vital organ given all of the foundational roles that they play within our bodies as you will see.

It’s the “good” bacteria, or probiotic (meaning “pro-life” flora) that we focus on in our efforts to Continue reading

Queen Anne’s Lace as Birthcontrol

Many women look outside the realm of Western medicine to treat menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, birth, menopause, and many other issues. The options available for birth control from conventional gynecological practice are sorely inadequate. Synthetic birth control potentiates cancer and overrides our bodies natural delicate hormonal feedback systems, resulting in side-effects, hormonal imbalance, and compromises fertility when taken long-term. There are many personal reasons why the various barrier methods are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and at times unavailable, or worse, ineffective.

The fact is, people have used plants to manage women’s health issues, including birth control, for thousands of years. READ MORE >

Consider This When You Or A Loved One Is Faced With Cancer

Our recommended resource this month is the documentary film, Cut Poison Burn. Because this film is not easily accessible for free, I wanted to share with you some of the insights it provides into the problems of the healthcare and cancer industries, and how these problems can negatively impact us as patient-consumers. As is usually the case, an educated consumer is an empowered consumer, and perhaps nowhere is this more crucial to us personally than in healthcare.



Conventional cancer medicine as we know it, with diagnostics and treatments involving chemotherapy and radiation, began in the 1910’s. Since this time the cancer industry has consumed millions of dollars in research annually with little improvements in cancer survival rates. There have been a few successes, with testicular cancer and some lymphomas for example, but the major killers – breast, colon, lung, and other cancers – remain untouched, and in fact the number of people diagnosed with cancer grows every year. READ MORE >

Acidity & Alkalinity – What it Means to Your Health

Acidity and alkalinity refers to the spectrum of pH in our blood. pH stands for “potential of hydrogen” and is the acid-alkaline measurement in our bodies, which ranges from 0-14.

Why does this matter? We evolved in an alkaline ocean environment, and human blood and body tissue in a state of health has an alkaline pH of 7.4 (alkaline = pH of 7-14; acid = pH of 0-7).

In fact, all basic metabolic processes depend on an alkaline environment. As long as the body has a pH of 7.4, it is able to fight disease, produce sufficient hormones and enzymes, maintain strong bones, keep disease-triggering genes turned “off”, and a vast array of other cellular functions.

On the other hand, when the body sinks into an acidic pH, the growth of harmful bacteria, fungus, yeast and other micro-organisms is promoted from within. Acidity also promotes obesity, because one of the ways that the body protects the vital organs from toxins is to create a buffer with fat cells.

Acidity lowers the immune system, and a major cause of allergies is the absorption of undigested proteins into the bloodstream from the small intestine due to an overly acidic body.

Fatigue and many other symptoms are directly related to a state of hyper-acidity and toxicity, which weakens the body’s ability to produce enzymes and hormones and diminishes cellular functioning across the board.

All cancer, degenerative and auto-immune diseases, and disease-causing organisms develop only in an acidic environment. In a nutshell, acidity is a pre-requisite for disease.

The crux of the matter is two-fold:

1. How much acidity your body is being asked to process on a daily basis; and

2. Your body’s ability to process out these acids from your system every day.

Where do acids come from?

Inside our bodies:

Acids are a natural by product of metabolic processes within the body. For example, when we exercise we produce lactic acid and carbon dioxide, both acidic substances. Our immune response and stress response generate substantial amounts of acidic by-products, which is why it’s tiring and de-hydrating to have allergies, be fighting an illness, or experiencing stress. We also generate acids when we eat and digest food, particularly proteins.

Outside our bodies:

Acidic substances also come into us from many foods and beverages. Our environment has become more acidic as it has become more polluted, so depending on where you live, you take in various amounts of acidity from the air, the water, and other environmental factors. All kinds of chemicals, sugars, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, and all other toxins and poisons are extremely acidic in nature.

What’s a body to do?

There are countless chemical reactions necessary for life that can only occur within a very specific pH range, so the body has many checks and balances to maintain pH within a narrow range. To regain the alkaline state necessary for our health and survival, acids from all sources must be buffered or neutralized.

The body is very sensitive to its pH level, so strong mechanisms exist to maintain it. Outside the acceptable range of pH, proteins are denatured, enzymes lose their ability to function, and death of cells, tissues, and ultimately the organism may occur. If our blood pH drops from 7.35 to lower than 7, a person may lapse into coma and die.

As such, all major organs work in service of the blood. If blood pH lowers (i.e. becomes more acidic), all other body functions are used to support correction to a pH of 7.35.

When our diets provides insufficient alkaline and mineral-rich foods – which is true for almost all of us, the mineral pools become depleted and the intracellular environment becomes acidic.

This acidic internal environment directly impairs energy production and increases free radical production, which leads to many of the signs and symptoms we associate with aging.

Most Americans live in a state of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis. This condition contributes to modern aging, development of cancer and degenerative diseases, loss of bone minerals, loss of muscle mass, and a reduction in growth hormone.

The Tao of Alkalizing

When you are alkalized, you are also energized. And when you are energized you feel better and think better.

The Radical Radiance Program teaches you how to counter hyperacidity and build your stores of alkalinity and minerals within your body’s tissues. This gives you a strong immunity and unsurpassed level of disease resistance, vitality, clarity, and youthfulness.

Here are some of the many important ways to build alkalinity in your body, all of which we explore in depth in our cleansing and treatment programs because this process is crucial to changing the root cause that developed into the inflammation, the malignant growth, the symptoms that we identify as disease.

1. Drink plenty of fresh spring water with lemon to give your blood, liver, and kidneys the living liquid matrix it needs to clear acidity daily.

2. Virtually all foods contain some acids. Far fewer foods contain alkalis, all of which are fruits and vegetables. The SAD (Standard American Diet) is approximately 90% acidic food and 10% alkaline. The recommended ratio of alkaline to acid foods for health and disease-prevention is 80% alkaline : 20% acids.

3. Deep breathing is alkalizing.

4. Gentle exercise is alkalizing.

5. Meditation is alkalizing.

6. Forgiveness and love are alkalizing.

7. Forested mountain air and the ocean are alkalizing.

Acid/alkaline balance is not discussed in mainstream medicine, because there is no payoff for the medical industry. This has nothing to do with its efficacy as a health strategy and everything to do with its ease of implementation and low cost.

Balance is the key. Continual effort at alkalizing is necessary because our lives and our world, and the diet we’re accustomed to, is seriously imbalanced towards acidity.

Look again now at this list – these things are free except for the cost of food. These are choices that constitute how we spend our hours and our days, and what we choose to put into our bodies. Diseases like cancer are preventable! Right here you have the knowledge that will keep you healthy for a lifetime. Need some help and support? That’s what we’re here for!



Fasting and How to Reap the Benefits

Different Fasting options to suit every body

The 3 types of fasting I will cover today include juice fasting, fruit fasting, and intermittent fasting. There are other types of fasts, but these are the ones that I feel are most helpful for our collective aim of cleansing and healing the body. Also, I find these types of fasts to be the most easily woven into the modern daily life.

First off, all types of fasting offer cleansing and detoxification. And depending on your individual lifestyle, health issues, goals, and body chemistry, different methods of fasting will be appropriate for different people, and at different times in life. For example, if you find the 3-day juice fasting difficult in certain ways, you might experiment with a different method of fasting next month. And, since all things change, it is natural for your needs to change, so it’s useful to be aware of different options.


Juice Fasting

Juice fasting offers a great way to encourage detoxification and increase health and vitality. The nutritional power of fresh organic juices will help your body to heal, rebuild, and detoxify waste products. Many people find juice fasting to provide the energy they need to make it through work and family responsibilities, while freeing up energy and creating a greater sense of well-being. READ MORE >

Altering the Terrain – The True Cause of Disease


The True Cause of Disease

It is said that in his final hours Louis Pasteur
 proclaimed that “the terrain is everything.”
 Simply put, this was an admission that
 the true cause of disease is the internal
 environment of a living organism, not 
external micro-organisms. It is the state
 of this internal environment — the terrain
— which either allows for germs to invade
 and injure the organism or fends them

With virtually every patient, and every disease that I treat, there are 3 main approaches that blend together to form an effective treatment plan. These are:

1. Rooting out the source/ true cause of disease – the bacteria, the cancer, the toxin.

2. Supporting the vital energy of the body.

3. Altering the terrain.

The conventional medical approach is focused on #1, killing the pathogen or the rogue cells, and drugs like chemotherapy and antibiotics are hard-hitters in this realm. Natural medicine has its own vast artillery that are weaker in action, yet more complex, which can be more advantageous (there are pro’s and con’s to both!). Yet

killing off bacteria 
and viruses is not the be all and end all
 of either curing disease nor preserving 


Continue reading

First Aid for Tick Bites & Lyme Disease Prevention

Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a serious health threat to people of every age, race, and creed who live in the Hudson Valley, and many other areas across the country too. The truth is, knowledge is power, and we need to learn how to respond to the threat of Tick Bites and Lyme disease with intelligence and discernment.

Avoid Getting Bit By Ticks                               

Following are recommended ways to avoid getting bit by ticks in the first place, short of staying indoors, which doesn’t seem to me like a very healthy solution. You might choose those options that work best for you.