How To Bring Light To The Season Of Darkness

Winter Blues

Here we are heading into the darkest time of the year. How can we cultivate lightness of being when the outer world descends every day further into the longest nights and shortest days of winter solstice time?

images Here are some thoughts:

1. Embrace The Darkness –

We all carry within us the forces of dark and light, but it’s the darker side of ourselves that we tend to keep hidden. Sadness, anger, despair, depression – it’s hard for us not to judge and resist these emotions. But oncoming winter seems to offer a time to surrender to our dark side, to stop resisting the underbelly of life, and even welcome it to our table. This season serves as a reminder that we need the loss of light and life, the turning inward and downward of life force energy, in order to be whole and complete. If this time of year is calling out your inner darkness, you may find great solace and wisdom in Thomas Moore’s classic book, Dark Nights of the Soul, which brings recognition, honor, and self-realization to our shadow selves.

2. Cultivate Lightness of Being –

The ancient Taoist wisdom guides us to sleep long hours, be less active, make fewer commitments, and turn our attention inward. While getting some fresh air, sunshine and exercise is one of the best ways I know of to keep healthy, happy and warm throughout the winter, this is truly an ideal time to develop a meditation practice, to light a candle and play angelic music, or to practice restorative yoga. Our external environment is but a reflection of the inner, and as the trees withdraw their energy from the leaves and let them go in order to send the life force deep underground to rejuvenate the roots for next year’s growth, so too must we.

3. Recommit To Your Highest Potential –

Poised like a seed awaiting dark earth and water, inside the ending of the passing year is held the potential of the coming year. Rather than giving up on those dreams of health, fitness, weight loss, self-confidence, vibrant energy, or whatever you might have envisioned for yourself earlier this year, realize that it’s not too late (it’s never too late!)! To support you in your pursuit of physical detoxification, health generation, clarity, joy, and inner peace, my dear friend and colleague Holly Shelowitz and I have created a raw food-centric cleansing and cooking class, just for you and your magnificent holiday season. Click here to find out more!


Altering the Terrain – The True Cause of Disease


The True Cause of Disease

It is said that in his final hours Louis Pasteur
 proclaimed that “the terrain is everything.”
 Simply put, this was an admission that
 the true cause of disease is the internal
 environment of a living organism, not 
external micro-organisms. It is the state
 of this internal environment — the terrain
— which either allows for germs to invade
 and injure the organism or fends them

With virtually every patient, and every disease that I treat, there are 3 main approaches that blend together to form an effective treatment plan. These are:

1. Rooting out the source/ true cause of disease – the bacteria, the cancer, the toxin.

2. Supporting the vital energy of the body.

3. Altering the terrain.

The conventional medical approach is focused on #1, killing the pathogen or the rogue cells, and drugs like chemotherapy and antibiotics are hard-hitters in this realm. Natural medicine has its own vast artillery that are weaker in action, yet more complex, which can be more advantageous (there are pro’s and con’s to both!). Yet

killing off bacteria 
and viruses is not the be all and end all
 of either curing disease nor preserving 


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Welcome to the Glass Belly Health blog

glass belly health blog

This blog will explore ways in which we can keep ourselves healthy and treat disease NATURALLY. It will delve into the health issues of our times and offer tools and information to keep you empowered in making smart choices for you and your loved ones.

What’s a glass belly you ask?
To answer that we must turn to the ancient legend of China’s Divine Farmer, Shen Nong. He invented the tools and skills of agriculture, including the plow and controlled burning of forest underbrush. Shen Nong was part god, part man and so possessed a glass belly. He ate from all the plants, discerning which made good foods, which were poisonous, and which were effective medicines for different diseases. As he tasted them, he looked inside himself via his glass belly and saw the effects that each plant was having on his body’s health. He wrote his findings down by firelight at night, and compiled them into the first Chinese herbal materia medica which classifies and details the usage of over 400 medicinal substances.