Pharmaceuticals: How to Approach Their Use

When a health issue comes up, many of us head to the doctor first. We want to find out what’s going on. Aside from untitleddiagnostics, we’re often handed a script for some form of medication. Whether or not to take this medication, how to wean off of a medication that you’ve been on for some time, and how to avoid taking them in the first place is the topic of this week’s article.

As I’m sure you know, I am not a physician and instead offer my opinion from the perspective of an expert in natural medicine and detoxification.

Here is what we know: medications are toxic and extremely harmful to the equilibrium of the body and the planet. Minor and major side-effects or allergic reactions to medications are not uncommon, and pharmaceutically-induced death is sharply on the rise. Indeed, one of the best things you can do for your health as you age is stay off of medication as much as possible.

We also know that a clean, healthy body will be able to beautifully regulate all systems and functions of the body, and that whatever the reason you have been prescribed a medication, there is often a natural treatment strategy that can correct it. Typically these come down to the basics of changing the diet, engaging in gentle daily cleansing routines, and helping the body self-correct through the use of non-toxic treatments such as acupuncture and/or herbal medicine. The more serious your symptoms or disease, the greater the commitment must be on your part to change the internal conditions that set the stage for your disease to develop.

There are circumstances and illnesses where medication may play a necessary role. My approach to pharmaceuticals is that they be considered with the highest intelligence and discretion. What follows is some important advice around how to be an empowered and informed patient in relation to taking medication.

1. Do not leave you doctor’s office without getting all of your questions answered. Take careful notes, and do not allow yourself to be bulldozed or ignored. Make sure you fully understand what he or she is recommending and why.

2. Do your research. You should know the generic name of the prescription, all possible side effects and complications, what it has been prescribed for in the past (many medications are used to treat multiple issues) and your exact dosage. You should know exactly what you are getting into and take responsibility for being fully informed.

3. Consider where you are in the transition towards becoming independently healthy. How long have you been juicing, eating a clean diet, and engaged in gentle practices of detoxification? This will tell you your body’s ability to regulate itself. A highly alkaline system can fight infection better than an acidic system, and a long-time vegetable-rich and juice-filled lifestyle allows you to handle deeply emotional situations with more strength and intuition.

4. Gauge you level of discomfort. If you can easily bear your symptoms while you give your system a chance to do its work, you may not decide to interfere. If you are in constant pain that makes life unbearable you may decide to try medication.

5. Exhaust all other options. Have you tried acupuncture, emotional therapy, physical therapy, rolfing, and guided meditation? Medication should be a last resort.

6. Make sure you understand the length of time you are dealing with. Is this a long-term chronic pain, or something quick and commonly treated? The longer the medication is taken, the more it accumulates in the system.

7. Do not make any snap decisions. I often have clients meet with me for the first time and decide to go right off their anti-depressants. It is important to wean slowly and gradually off of any medication, and some (for mood and sleep disorders for example) may require months of careful reduction. It is often wise to seek the guidance of a wise alternative practitioner for help with side-effect, detoxification, and regulation of the body’s functions during this process.

8. Boosting your alkalinity with additional green juice and taking high-quality probiotics will help your body to stay strong during a cycle of medication. Avoiding all starches and sweeteners other than stevia or honey until all medication has left the system is also essential, so that additional yeast and fungal growth does not take place during the process.

Please remember, there are no gold stars for pain and suffering, and no guilt for any choices that are well researched, and made with the highest good in mind!

Consider This When You Or A Loved One Is Faced With Cancer

Our recommended resource this month is the documentary film, Cut Poison Burn. Because this film is not easily accessible for free, I wanted to share with you some of the insights it provides into the problems of the healthcare and cancer industries, and how these problems can negatively impact us as patient-consumers. As is usually the case, an educated consumer is an empowered consumer, and perhaps nowhere is this more crucial to us personally than in healthcare.



Conventional cancer medicine as we know it, with diagnostics and treatments involving chemotherapy and radiation, began in the 1910’s. Since this time the cancer industry has consumed millions of dollars in research annually with little improvements in cancer survival rates. There have been a few successes, with testicular cancer and some lymphomas for example, but the major killers – breast, colon, lung, and other cancers – remain untouched, and in fact the number of people diagnosed with cancer grows every year. READ MORE >

Altering the Terrain – The True Cause of Disease


The True Cause of Disease

It is said that in his final hours Louis Pasteur
 proclaimed that “the terrain is everything.”
 Simply put, this was an admission that
 the true cause of disease is the internal
 environment of a living organism, not 
external micro-organisms. It is the state
 of this internal environment — the terrain
— which either allows for germs to invade
 and injure the organism or fends them

With virtually every patient, and every disease that I treat, there are 3 main approaches that blend together to form an effective treatment plan. These are:

1. Rooting out the source/ true cause of disease – the bacteria, the cancer, the toxin.

2. Supporting the vital energy of the body.

3. Altering the terrain.

The conventional medical approach is focused on #1, killing the pathogen or the rogue cells, and drugs like chemotherapy and antibiotics are hard-hitters in this realm. Natural medicine has its own vast artillery that are weaker in action, yet more complex, which can be more advantageous (there are pro’s and con’s to both!). Yet

killing off bacteria 
and viruses is not the be all and end all
 of either curing disease nor preserving 


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First Aid for Tick Bites & Lyme Disease Prevention

Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a serious health threat to people of every age, race, and creed who live in the Hudson Valley, and many other areas across the country too. The truth is, knowledge is power, and we need to learn how to respond to the threat of Tick Bites and Lyme disease with intelligence and discernment.

Avoid Getting Bit By Ticks                               

Following are recommended ways to avoid getting bit by ticks in the first place, short of staying indoors, which doesn’t seem to me like a very healthy solution. You might choose those options that work best for you.


4 Pillars of THE BEST Detox for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Detox for Weight LossDetox for Weight Loss: Many of us make repeated attempts with weight loss and cleansing diets, but don’t achieve the desired results because we fall into these common pitfalls:

Confusion – there’s a ton of conflicting information and product promises out there!

Uninspiring results – you don’t look and feel better fast enough to gain momentum, or what worked for you in the past no longer seems to, so you give up…

Old patterns of struggle, fear and failure rear their monstrous heads, and seem too great to overcome with mere mortal willpower.

The best detox and weight loss diet plans need to solve these problems – or they’re not likely to work!

This article explains the 4 pillars of the best detox for weight loss diet plan – best because it’s effective and brings results quickly, because it’s safe and will result in outstanding health over time, and because it addresses your mindset and emotions and gives you tools for working with fear, resistance and other emotions that trigger self-sabotage.


Pillar #1: Awaken Waste

The following techniques prepare excess weight and toxic accumulation to exit the body:



cleansing classIf you are seeking healing in your life, if you would like to feel more energetic, clear and vibrant, if you seek greater levels of health and happiness, then please join me, for this FREE 1-hour teleclass.

DATE: Wednesday March 13
TIME: 11am (Can’t listen live? No worries – register for the call and we’ll email you the link to listen later.)

You see, the potentials for health, happiness, creativity, productivity, and self-healing are inside us. They become covered over in layer after layer of stress-response, toxic accumulation, food, emotion and various states of dis-ease that are never fully processed.


Lyme Disease Treatment: Considerations & Alternatives: Part I, On the Use of Antibiotics

antibiotic lyme disease treatmentThis article will primarily focus on how to treat Lyme with herbs and supplements (Part II), and discuss some of the issues with taking antibiotics (Part I), as treatment of Lyme sometimes involves protracted courses of antibiotics. From the perspective of natural medicine, there is often a better way to treat bacterial infections than taking antibiotics. Typically this involves taking a formulation of herbs that has antibiotic medicinals combined with those that promote the body’s response to the infection (for example, they promote sweating), as well as herbs to strengthen the immune system, engender fluids, and clear heat so that the fever does not damage body tissues (all of this hastens and ensures a complete recovery). This way, you avoid the problems of latency, bacterial resistance and re-growth that are associated with pharmaceutical antibiotic treatment.