Making Medicinal Broths

dsc_9744Medicinal Broths are perhaps the quintessential “food as medicine.” They can be used in detox regimens, to heal everything from the common cold to cancer, and as a delicious and fortifying part of your daily meals. Broths excel at nutrient extraction, then provide these nutrients in an readily absorbable form, which is what makes broth an ideal food for convalescence, post-partum, and chronic digestive system weakness. Want to forego taking all of those expensive vitamins? Drink a bowl of broth instead. There are a zillion potential recipes for broth, so we’re going to focus on the skeleton, the structure whereby great broth is formed, and leave the specifics to the spontaneous creative forces at work in your kitchen, including the season, what’s on hand, what needs healing, and your instincts. Our take is to follow a few basic rules, keep it simple, and experiment with different food, herb and spice combinations, never making the same broth twice.