Wen Garden

Wen garden is the Taoist medicinal herb garden at our homestead where we grow some of the Western and Asian medicinals that fill the apothecary jars and become transformed into our Echo Herbals line of hand-crafted herbal products.  Enter your name and email at the top of the page to receive news about garden events, work-days in the garden, and courses in herbalism.

Clinical Herbalism

At the AAHS clinic, we utilize both Chinese and Western herbal traditions, as well as functional medicine (nutritional supplementation), and dietary therapy to treat patients’ ailments. You can be assured that we stay current with the latest clinical research regarding herb and supplement usage. Your herb/supplement protocol will be simple, effective, and safe, and will not be in conflict with any medications that you need to take.

We prescribe herbs in a variety of forms. Chinese herbal formulas may be taken as a strong tea, in powder, tincture or pill form. Western herbs are often gentler and more palatable and can be blended into a pleasant tea for daily use. They are also available as tinctures.

Herbal medicine is ideal for children, and we specialize in the treatment of children, including chronic immune, digestive and respiratory system illnesses.

Consultations via Skype or telephone are available if you do not live locally.  If you have questions about whether herbal treatment could be helpful for you, please call us at 845-687-6211 for a free telephone consultation.