Jennifer is a licensed acupuncturist, nationally certified herbalist and graduate of Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine. Her practice draws from a background of energy work, yoga, and esoteric study. As a general practitioner, she works with patients on all levels of health and wellness and encourages each person to bring their deepest challenges and highest intentions to the treatment room.
Acupuncture and herbs work together to treat a wide variety of conditions. Some of her favorite cases include stubborn chronic illnesses, tangled mental and emotional stress, difficulty sleeping, neurologic problems, sexual health and fertility for both men and women, and chronic pain.  She feels especially honored to work with patients who are actively engaged in their own personal development and enjoys seeing the profound ways energetic treatment can help open blockages and foster deeper internal connection and well being.
Jennifer is passionate about her work, and values the opportunity to form long term relationships with her patients. The ideal of health is so very different for each person, and it is her great pleasure to help each person define goals that makes sense for their life and embrace ever evolving lifestyle practices to support their health, personal mission, and deep happiness.