1 Day Package of Cold Pressed Juices

Core Cleanse (17oz per bottle) $50 per day

Ravishing Ruby - apple, carrot, beet:  this combo has a natural sweetness and is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for your heart, skin, eyes and circulation.

Chinatown 80 - pom juice, orange, coconut h2o, lime, ginger and beet. Clear your body of free radicals and quench your thirst at the same time.  Even those who don't like beets love this blend (psst...it's the lime and ginger. Killer combo!)

El Fuego - orange, grapefruit, cayenne extract:  Enjoy the fat burning magic of cayenne, with all the vitamin c you ever wanted!  It’s sinfully delicious.

Master Blaster - lemon, ginger, maple syrup, cayenne extract.  The classic Master Cleanse drink!

The Hulk - cucumber, celery, kale, flax seed oil, spirulina, himalayan salt:  One of our greenest juices, the hulk literally packs a punch. a great source of protein and a super immune booster!

Dr. Norms Elixir - super-green chlorophyll drink.

Brought to you by Little Apple Love Juice Bar of Woodstock and New York, NY!




Price: $50.00

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