21-Day Detox Program

The 21-Day Detox Program is a cleansing routine that we participate in monthly in all of our cleansing and treatment programs.  If you feel inclined to do a short, simple detoxification regimen that relies on the healthful practices of dietary clean-up, raw foods, juicing, and culminates in a 3-day juice fast, then this is the plan for you.




The 21-Day Detox Program includes the following:

  • Welcome Letter to orient and prepare you for the process;
  • 21-Day Detox Guide
  • Day 2:  Juice Fasting Guide & Ways To Modify
  • Day 5:  Raw Foods Recipes
  • Day 8:  Smoothie Recipes
  • Day 11:  Juicing Recipes
  • Day 14:  Making The Most of Your Juice Fast
  • Day 17:  Breaking The Fast Skillfully

(All content is delivered via email; if you require snail mail, just let us know when you place your order!)


  • 3 Group Coaching Calls spaced throughout the 21-day cycle that provide specialized information on topics such as…
    • Cleansing the Liver;
    • Cleansing & Weight Loss;
    • The Benefits of Fasting

…and other such topics, with time for Q & A so you can get the guidance you need to be fully successful with your detoxification program;


  • Access to our private facebook forum where other patients and cleansers are sharing their experiences, gathering feedback, and inspiring each other.


This simple ritual can be repeated monthly, seasonally, or any time you want a “tune-up” - that is, to create greater alignment in your body, mind, spirit and life.

You have nothing to lose but your burdensome dis-ease!



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