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Winter Cleanse 4-Week Option

Winter Cleanse 4-Week Option



Do you wish to feel deeply vital, healthy and alive this winter?  Do you find that the winter season, with all of its demands despite the darkness and cold, drains your body of precious life force?


The Winter Cleanse 4-Week Option will:

▪   Heal long-standing digestive system weakness;

▪   Deeply rejuvenate your kidneys and adrenal glands;

▪   Fortify your immunity;

▪   Soften your frayed nervous system and grant you greater focus;

▪   Enhance sluggish metabolism and circulation;

▪   Bring heat and light into your body, mind and spirit. 

Join me for this once-per-year seasonally-appropriate 1-month cleansing journey.

Rather than the more intensive detoxification practices that are very cooling in nature, like consuming lots of fresh juice and raw foods (we’ll save that for spring and summertime!), the winter cleansing focus goes deeply into nourishing, supportive, and restorative measures to reset the nervous and endocrine systems, and gently detoxify and repair the body, mind and spirit. 


Do you suffer from any of these symptoms or diseases?

Bloating, gas, or indigestion
  *  Constipation or loose stool  *  
Thyroid imbalance
  *  Adrenal taxation and fatigue  *   
Poor energy
  *  Chronic or recurrent infections of any kind  
 *  Hypertension or heart disease 
 *  Weight gain regardless of dietary and exercise efforts
  *  Lyme disease  *  
Cancer  *  
Nervousness, anxiety or depression  * 
 Joint or muscle pain or stiffness 
 *  Seasonal Affective Disorder 
 *   Cold hands and feet

If so, the routines, recipes and protocols that are shared in this program will serve you for the rest of your days.


The Winter Cleanse 4-Week Option includes:

ü The 4-Phase Winter Cleansing Diet Guide which provides simple instructions on each weekly phase of diet and cleanse (in the 8 week program you will move through this 4-week cycle twice).

ü Each week focuses on 1 of the 4 Phases of the cleansing-healing cycle:  Clear, Cleanse, Replace, Repair. 

ü For each week / phase you will receive explicit instructions, understanding of the process, with basic meal plans and how-to;

ü Easy-prep recipes for health-generation in winter (my favorite season-appropriate juices, teas, broths, soups, stews, salads, smoothies, deserts, and more);

ü 4 Training Videos to help you learn and implement the steps of the cleanse;

ü Multi-Tiered Winter Fasting Guide for wintertime cleansing (with options for Very Beginner through Advanced levels of cleansing) – because anyone can do it!;

ü Weekly live Q&A calls with Hillary so you can receive live guidance, support and connection and get all of your questions answered + audio recordings in case you miss it;

ü Facebook Forum Membership offers an additional place to connect with Hillary and others who are doing the cleanse.


The Winter Cleanse 4-Week Option is for you if you feel you’ll do best with a simpler, shorter version of our Radical Release Winter Edition 8 Week Cleansing Lifestyle Program.  The 4 Week Winter Cleanse Option focuses on the central dietary and cleansing practices, without the broader cleansing lifestyle teachings.


Live Upgrade / Local Options:

▪   Whole Sky Yoga in High Falls, NY (upstairs from our new space!) discount for duration of your program;

▪   25% off in-person or video-conference consultation and treatment with Hillary for the duration of your program;

▪   Bi-Weekly 75 minute meet-ups (location TBD in High Falls, NY) to ground your experience in community, expert guidance, supportive discussion, Q & A time.  (4 group sessions = $75) *If cancelled due to inclement weather they will NOT be rescheduled.   However, a video/phone conference may be scheduled in its place.

Let us know when you enroll if you are interested in any of these options!


Our Guarantee:  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you may be refunded fully anytime before January 14, 2015, no questions asked!


Remember, YOU have the power to take back your health and create the strength and vitality that will support you in the New Year.  The Winter Cleanse will get you there!

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Winter Cleanse Month 2

Winter Cleanse Month 2

Radical Release:  The Winter Edition – Month 2


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