The Winter Edition 8 Week Cleansing Lifestyle Program (Pay In Full)

The Radical Release Winter Edition 8-Week Holistic Cleansing Lifestyle Program includes:

  • Step by step weekly content that teaches and reinforces the full spectrum of cleansing lifestyle practices;
  • 4-Phase Winter Cleansing Diet Guide which provides simple instructions on each weekly phase of diet and cleanse (in the 8 week program you will move through this 4-week cycle twice).
    • Each week focuses on 1 of the 4 Phases of the cleansing-healing cycle:  Clear, Cleanse, Replace, Repair. 
    • For each week / phase you will receive   , understanding of the process, with basic meal plans and how-to;
    • Easy-prep recipes for health-generation in winter (my favorite season-appropriate juices, teas, broths, soups, stews, salads, smoothies, deserts, and more);
    • 8 Training Videos to help you learn and implement the steps of the cleanse;
    • Multi-Tiered Winter Fasting Guide for wintertime cleansing (with options for Very Beginner through Advanced levels of cleansing) – because anyone can do it!;
    • Weekly live Q&A calls with Hillary + audio recordings in case you miss it;
    • Additional exclusive Winter Edition recipes for cold weather cleansing and fortification, including health-generating classical Chinese, Ayurvedic, and traditional healing dishes;
    • Explorations on healing the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of being through basic hermetic practices of contemplation, breath, food, herbs, and energy conservation;
    • Adrenal Rejuvenation Protocols;
    • Holistic strategies for enhancing metabolism, circulation, and immunity during the winter months;
    • At-Home Retreat Guide
    • Simple, Luxurious Home Spa Treatments
    • 2 entire months of YOUR commitment met with MY support, encouragement and guidance for creating substantial health and vitality… which means YOU are much more likely to sustain your holistic cleansing lifestyle throughout the year to come.

ENROLL NOW by paying in full ($400 / 350 Early-Birdy through 12/22)

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