Staying Healthy: How to NOT GET SICK this Cold & Flu Season

stock-footage-young-child-and-mother-bundled-up-in-winter-gear-walk-in-snow-storm-in-portland-oregonWith a growing chill in the morning air and children heading back to school, we know the cold & flu season is upon us. If you’re serious about staying healthy this fall and winter, then heed these common sense reminders and pearls of traditional wisdom:

1. Wash Hands. As every health practitioner knows, this is the #1 way to avoid passing around disease-causing germs. Use soap, and do it regularly, especially if you are around children or other family members who have already caught a cold.

2. Keep covered from the wind. An old Chinese adage states that, “Wind is the cause of 100 diseases.” Exposure to wind and cold challenges the body to defend itself against airborne diseases, such as viruses. Be sure to keep the body warm and the head and neck covered with adequate clothing while enjoying time outdoors.

3. Get enough sleep. Obvious, right? But it can be a challenge for many reasons. Make it a priority to get around 8 hours of good quality sleep to keep your immune system at its best.