Lyme Disease Treatment: Considerations & Alternatives: Part I, On the Use of Antibiotics

antibiotic lyme disease treatmentThis article will primarily focus on how to treat Lyme with herbs and supplements (Part II), and discuss some of the issues with taking antibiotics (Part I), as treatment of Lyme sometimes involves protracted courses of antibiotics. From the perspective of natural medicine, there is often a better way to treat bacterial infections than taking antibiotics. Typically this involves taking a formulation of herbs that has antibiotic medicinals combined with those that promote the body’s response to the infection (for example, they promote sweating), as well as herbs to strengthen the immune system, engender fluids, and clear heat so that the fever does not damage body tissues (all of this hastens and ensures a complete recovery). This way, you avoid the problems of latency, bacterial resistance and re-growth that are associated with pharmaceutical antibiotic treatment.