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TIME:  1:30 – 2:30 PM  EST

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Recovering from Lyme and tick-borne disease is often no easy task.

It is a complex disease, and one huge part of that complexity is the interwoven nature of Lyme disease & toxicity inside your body.

That’s why…

  • If you’re frustrated with your progress in healing from Lyme or related infections and you wish for a breakthrough…
  • If you’re experiencing lots of symptoms and Herx reactions that don’t seem to lead to improvements in energy and vitality – such as fatigue, achy joints or muscles, headaches, brain fog, etc…
  • If you’re not responding clearly to your current treatment protocol – be it conventional or natural…

…then it’s highly likely that your body is not able to detoxify the disease and its toxins fast enough to support your recovery.

Efficient detoxification is essential to alleviating symptoms and accelerating your recovery.  And if this aspect of your body’s self-healing mechanism remains unsupported, you can stay in a place of struggle with Lyme Disease for a very long time.

This webinar is especially relevant to you if:

  • you feel you are backsliding or your condition is worsening;
  • you have taken antibiotics for more than 3 months and remain burdened by symptoms;
  • you are experiencing a plateau, or feel unresponsive to treatment, be it conventional or alternative;
  • you have chronic or recurrent Lyme disease or co-infections.

This webinar will introduce you to our unique holistic approach – which was designed especially for people struggling with Lyme disease – to gently cleanse your body, strengthen your liver and gut, and release the toxins that make you feel sick and suffer.

Our approach is based in a series of core life practices that work with your body’s natural capacity to detoxify and self-heal.

In this introductory webinar you will learn and receive:

  • the 6 ways in which Lyme disease and toxicity are inextricably interwoven;
  • why detoxification is fundamental to all Lyme treatment plans;
  • what your body requires for effective cleansing and why most detox programs and products don’t work;
  • why cleansing is the #1 key to removing the blocks that prevent your full recovery from Lyme;
  • an overview of the Cleansing Lifestyle approach as the most effective, do-able, and safest method of detoxification for Lyme sufferers;
  • special cleansing considerations for people dealing with Lyme and associated diseases.

The information and guidance I’ll share will enable you to access the full potential of your body’s ability to respond to treatment and to heal where now it is stuck or losing ground against the onslaught of Lyme.

Don’t miss out on this foundational tool to propel your recovery from Lyme forward! Remember, your body is specially designed to cleanse and self-heal!

The Cleansing Lifestyle contains the tools that removes the blocks to efficient detoxification and self-healing so that your recovery from Lyme can fast track – and YOU can get your life back.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this empowering information with you!