4 Pillars of THE BEST Detox for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Detox for Weight LossDetox for Weight Loss: Many of us make repeated attempts with weight loss and cleansing diets, but don’t achieve the desired results because we fall into these common pitfalls:

Confusion – there’s a ton of conflicting information and product promises out there!

Uninspiring results – you don’t look and feel better fast enough to gain momentum, or what worked for you in the past no longer seems to, so you give up…

Old patterns of struggle, fear and failure rear their monstrous heads, and seem too great to overcome with mere mortal willpower.

The best detox and weight loss diet plans need to solve these problems – or they’re not likely to work!

This article explains the 4 pillars of the best detox for weight loss diet plan – best because it’s effective and brings results quickly, because it’s safe and will result in outstanding health over time, and because it addresses your mindset and emotions and gives you tools for working with fear, resistance and other emotions that trigger self-sabotage.


Pillar #1: Awaken Waste

The following techniques prepare excess weight and toxic accumulation to exit the body:

• Food combining is the art and science of easeful passage of food in one end of the digestive tract and out the other. When you combine food properly at each meal and snack, you ensure that your body uses minimal energy for digestion, and that everything you consume moves through you and exits efficiently. Email us to receive the simple food-combining chart that we use to work with clients.

• Drink water with lemon every morning, followed by 16-32 ounces of fresh raw vegetable juice.

• Consume a diet of 50% or more vegetables – the more the better, but start by examining every meal and snack and make sure that at least 50% of the food involves vegetables. To start, the vegetables can be raw or cooked (with a gradual shift towards more raw as this becomes more appealing). Vegetables are everything from salad veggies to winter squashes and pumpkins to avocado and seaweeds. There’s a lot out there to play with! Juicing and consuming lots of vegetables creates a strongly alkaline pH in the body, which allows the body to release stored waste, and also reverses many disease processes.

Pillar #2: Release Waste

Put to good use all of the body’s avenues of elimination, which include defection, urination, sweating, and deep breathing. With all the lemon-water, fresh juice and vegetable intake alkalizing your system, your kidneys will be happily clearing acidic waste through the urine without your needing to think about it.

Sweating can occur actively through exercise, or passively via a sauna, steam or bath. Infra-red sauna is the best, most healing option if you have access to one!

Elimination through the bowels requires more discussion. Much of the material substance that is stored in our bodies as waste and weight, must be eliminated via the bowels. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity to ensure healthy bowel function – and then some. First, make sure you’re having at least one bowel movement per day.  More is great!  If this is a problem for you then seek the help of a natural health practitioner, or try an herbal laxative from your local health food store.  In addition, I highly recommend doing periodic bowel cleansing with gravity-method colonics and/or at home with an enema kit. Somewhere between weekly and monthly is a good pace for most people as you awaken toxins and waste and ready them for exit. Remember, you haven’t cleansed or lost the weight until it has left the body!

Deep abdominal breathing is important for releasing carbon dioxide gas, a by-product of cellular metabolism. It has many other benefits as well in the weight loss journey, including helping you get out of your head and into your body, and releasing emotional and physical tension.

Pillar #3:  move it to lose it

Some form of movement every day is a must for a successful detox and weight loss program. If you’re very overweight, fatigued, or have physical debility, then opt for activities like the Rebounder (even mild bouncing has significant detox/weight loss benefits), seated yoga or qi gong. All of these practices will begin to promote healing and energy to begin to build momentum toward improved circulation, motivation, and capacity for more movement.  It is a time to practice deep breathing, self-love, and self-acceptance even given all your limitations.

If you’re in average to good health then choose different fun activities for different days. The point here is to create a daily lifestyle in which you engage in some physical activity for 20-45 minutes at least once per day. Start slow and build – it may feel challenging at first, but it should also feel do-able – even inviting! Be patient and gentle with yourself. This is not a competition, so no high-pressure please; it’s simply about figuring out what works, what you can stay committed to, and allow your body to blossom forth from this place.

Pillar #4: Mind Your Mindset

It’s all well and good to know what you SHOULD do. So why don’t we then, despite our best intentions? I won’t delve deeply into this topic here, but for the purposes of helping you create your best detox /weight loss plan ever, here’s a critical cornerstone without which all the best advice may be as useful as a chair with a broken leg: mind your mindset.

Anyone who is attempting transformative work such as detoxification and weight loss, needs to adopt a clear and positive mindset. It’s vital to have a tool (or numerous tools!) to address the deeper issues of our emotional ego-mind.

You see, there is a part of us that continues to be controlled by engrained beliefs that we adopted or had thrust upon us long ago (often in childhood), and that prevent us from moving forward currently in our life. The old belief, such as “I’m not lovable” creates negative (false) thoughts and perceptions, that in a given moment can cause an impulsive action to override your best intention. Before you know it you’ve eaten a pint of ice cream and can’t even remember what the trigger was – because it was probably never all that conscious in the first place!

Somewhere sooner or later on your weight loss journey you will “fail” – you will cheat, you will consume the thing you promised yourself you wouldn’t – again. As soon as you become aware that you’ve cheated on your diet, or made an impulsive mistake, follow these steps to begin untying the energetic bind this patterns has on you:

• Connect back to the thought or feeling that triggered it – it may be fuzzy or it may be clear, but simply connect to the feeling in your body.

• Place your hand wherever you feel the feeling creating tension or other sensation in your body.

• Now breathe into it. Don’t try to change it, just breathe and observe, breathe and witness. It may grow, diminish, change location or quality. Do this until the emotional energy has diffused and no longer has a presence within you.

Some emotional patterns dissolve for good with just one witnessing. Others require more time. With a little time and practice, you will become adept at catching your compulsions before they take hold of you, and be able to harness and witness those emotional patterns with much more ease and grace – and less and less self-sabotage.  Self-mastery is a muscle that must be exercised to be strong, just like all the others.

Additional Support

Manifesting your cleansing, health and weight loss dreams is easier, faster and guaranteed to be successful with support, knowledge, and know-how. At the top of each page is an opportunity to receive a free 1-hour audio on the 9 Essentials of a Cleansing Lifestyle – highly recommended if you’re wanting to lose weight!  We also offer an intensive program, 7 Steps to Your Vibrant Health: From Run Down to Radiant in 90 Days, which teaches you how to implement the cleansing lifestyle core routines that virtually guarantee weight balance and vibrant health for a lifetime.

Wishing you the best on your detox and weight loss journey!