page61_picture0_1390320732Detox For Lyme:  Remove the Blocks to Recovery

8-Week Cleansing Program

To Light A Fire Under Your Lyme Treatment Plan


If you’re frustrated with your progress in healing from Lyme, and you wish for a breakthrough…

If you’re experiencing lots of symptoms and Herx reactions – such as fatigue, painful joints or muscles, headaches, brain fog, and so much more…

If you’re not responding to your current treatment protocol – be it conventional or natural – and you’re not sure where to turn…

If you’ve come a long way and hit a plateau, and wonder if you’ll ever make it to 100% recovery…

then you are being held back by toxic congestion (from a lifetime of pollution, pesticides, stress, and much more) that won’t allow the complete release of the Lyme Disease from your body. 

Detox For Lyme 8-Week Cleansing Program is specially-designed for people struggling with Lyme Disease to show you how to propel your healing forward, and get your vitality back.

In it you will learn to:


  • Gently, systematically, and daily cleanse your body and release the toxins that make you feel sick and suffer;


  • Strengthen your liver and gut, leading to more efficient detoxification, and find relief from many symptoms;


  • Learn to eat in a way that provides the greatest net return on energy so that your food supports your healing process rather than adds to your physical congestion;


  • Gradually break down the Lyme-Toxin network that keeps the various forms of the Lyme microbe hidden and protected;


  • Unburden your body from disease and toxic congestion while supporting the generation and movement of your innate life-force energy, which is your capacity to heal;


  • Cultivate back the vitality that has been lost to the Lyme disease and treatment process.


Our unique holistic approach is based on a series of core life practices that work with your body’s natural capacity to detoxify and self-heal.


Efficient detoxification is essential for complete healing from Lyme! 

 When implemented properly, it is the #1 tool to unlock your innate healing potential and regain lost vitality.


The benefits of incorporating Cleansing Lifestyle Practices into a well-targeted medical and/or holistic treatment program include:


  • Major jumps in energy level;
  • Greater clarity of thought, memory, and focus;
  • Diminished pain, tingling, numbness, or stiffness of the limbs;
  • Reduced inflammation and improved circulation;
  • An end to headaches, dizziness, liver pain, and eye pressure;
  • Restoration of gut health and better absorption of food;
  • Increased cellular nourishment;
  • Strengthened immunity;
  • Lower microbe load across the board, including Lyme, co-infections, yeast, parasites, viruses, and all disease-causing infections;
  • Stronger responsiveness to antibiotics, herbs, and energy medicine techniques.


How Does It Work?

Our cleansing approach is a step-by-step path.


Each week you learn about a new cleansing practice – something you can easily fold into your daily routine, that enhances your body’s natural ability to detoxify, and that has BIG IMPACT on your body’s ability to recovery fully from Lyme and related diseases.


This information is provided to you through:


  • Clear, inspiring, readable content that teaches and supports you in implementing each cleansing routine (delivered to your email inbox or your postal box weekly);
  • Weekly online training videos (or readable transcripts) that educate and illustrate how the cleansing processes work, and how each component of the Cleansing Lifestyle serves to facilitate your body’s cleansing and healing process.


What if I have questions?


  • I hope you do!  Every week there is a 45-minute live Question & Answer call with Hillary Thing.  You may also email questions ahead of time, and listen to the call recording later.  All you need is a computer or a phone to connect in!  It’s that simple.


What Will I Actually be doing on this cleanse?

▪   Hydrating – and no, this is not just about drinking more water!

▪   Alkalizing – through juicing and other strategies, to awaken layers of disease, decay, and waste;

▪   Eating – a simple (but personalized) cleansing diet in a structured way throughout your day that follows the principles easeful digestion;

▪   Cleansing – your colon, liver and kidneys through simple low-cost holistic tools and strategies; no products required, although the benefits of certain supplements for special Lyme-related conditions will be discussed;

▪   Peeing and pooping – encouraging the exodus of waste and disease from your body to complete the detox cycle;

▪   Breathing and sweating – 2 more ways to unburden your body from Lyme-toxin congestion;

▪   Implementing – the cleansing routines, one step at a time; no overwhelm, just patient, steady progress!

▪   Learning – about how detoxify at the level that is right for you so that you feel tangibly clearer, cleaner, and stronger ASAP;

▪   Sustaining – your commitment to deep-tissue cleansing practices over the long-term so that your reap the full benefits, including complete recovery from Lyme disease.


This sounds like what I need.  What is the cost of the program?


$400,  pay in full – REGISTER ME NOW!


Divided into 2 easy automatic payments of $200 each.  REGISTER ME NOW!


Do I have to be a Kitchen Wizard or spend all my time on self-care to be successful at this?


No!  I’m a working Mom with 2 small kids.  I like to keep kitchen time minimal, while not sacrificing health, so this program reflects that aim.  You can go gourmet with the cleansing diet if you like, otherwise you will be well-supported in keeping it simple!


Some focus is required to learn about and implement the core cleansing routines.  I have witnessed hundreds of busy, sick, overwhelmed people put the cleansing lifestyle successfully to work for them.  Your progress in healing from Lyme is most important to me, so if you’re feeling challenged, all you need to do is reach out and ask for help!


What additional forms of support are available through the program?


  • The Uprooting Lyme Facebook Forum is a place where you can respond to check-in questions (posted by me), ask questions, post your progress, and be part of a community of other motivated people who are pro-actively seeking recovery from Lyme and associated illnesses through the Cleansing Lifestyle as well as other holistic and conventional medical treatments.


  • (Optional) 4 Bi-Weekly Private Consultations with Hillary Thing (at a special discounted rate of $400).  This option is for you if:


    • You want in-depth personalized consultation in herbal, nutritional, and other holistic treatment modalities while moving through the cleanse program;
    • Your symptoms are severe, or your health is unstable and you will need special guidance as you proceed with initiation of the cleansing process.

4 Bi-Weekly Private Consults with Hillary Thing (in-person or video-conference): 


The Cleansing Lifestyle approach enables you to access the full potential of your body’s ability to respond to treatment and to heal where now it is stuck or losing ground against the onslaught of Lyme.  Now how much is that worth to you?!

Still Not Sure?  Our Guarantee:


If you are not fully satisfied with the program, you may cancel anytime within the first 2 weeks and receive a full refund!


Remember, your body is specially designed to cleanse and self-heal.  The Cleansing Lifestyle gives you the tools to harness your body’s natural healing capacity.


Don’t miss this powerful opportunity to propel your recovery from Lyme Disease forward!  We won’t be offering this course again for at least 6 months – are you sure you want to wait that long to feel even better??