What Is A Cleansing Lifestyle Anyway? – A Cleanse Diet for Daily Life

cleanse dietMany of us intuitively understand that it’s a good idea once in a while to unload the burdens of indulgence and excess that inevitably creeps in – and sometimes dominates – the modern lifestyle. Most of us think about “doing a cleanse” in the form of a fast or a restricted diet combined with concoctions that force the organs to expel the waste-stuff they’ve been storing. These types of cleanses pose certain potential problems and leave some people wondering – what if they’re too harsh? What if it makes me feel worse? How do I do it in the midst of my busy demanding life?

I’m here to propose a different approach, that of the cleansing lifestyle. You heard right, adopting a daily routine involving juicing, food combining principles, and other dietary and daily rituals that tip the cleansing/clogging scales in your favor. Here are the basic principles of a cleansing lifestyle:

1. Take advantage of your body’s natural daily cleansing and healing cycle. Make the morning a time of fluid intake only, starting with lemon water until clearly hungry, followed by freshly made vegetable juice.

2. Consume a large salad every day with a variety of raw veggies and an easy dressing of lemon juice, mustard, sea salt and olive oil. A side dish of grains or protein is fine if you feel the need for more food to keep you going.

3. Observe the principles of proper food combining for all meals and snacks. This makes for easeful digestion (so long as you are not consuming a food you are allergic to) and requires less energy from the body. In a nutshell, veggies combine with everything. Starches / proteins / fats must be eaten separately from each other. Fruit is eaten alone. Educate yourself on the finer points of these principles, as there is additional useful information easily available that is beyond the scope of this article. A good resource can be found here.

4. Overall, you want to consume a majority of vegetables in your diet, more raw than cooked, with fruit, grains, or animal-products becoming smaller and less frequent side dishes the deeper you go into cleansing mode. The amount of vegetable vs. other food you consume will be dictated simply by where you’re at now, and can change gradually as you want to step up the level of cleansing over time. Write out a daily food plan that feels do-able, yet involves a level of change.

All of the above will create a disease-reversing alkaline environment inside your cells and tissues. It will also begin to draw toxins and disease-causing substances, which are acidic in nature, out of the tissues to be eliminated. This brings us to the next step:

5. Consistently eliminate waste. Our bodies eliminate waste primarily through the urine, bowels and sweat pores. That means, be sure that you are pooping and peeing regularly, and sweating via exercise, sauna, baths or steam. Look into the Woods Gravity method of colonics as a means to ensure that your body is eliminating new and older waste. If you ever feel ill while doing cleansing work it is because more toxic waste is being loosened within the body than is being eliminated. You must then increase the rate at which you are peeing, pooping and sweating to clear it out.

6. Daily movement. Make this a time of joyful playful spirited activity doing something that makes you feel great. The possibilities are endless and the health benefits are innumerable. Creatively brainstorm the what, when and how so that you have a solid plan for incorporating it into your day.

As you begin to detoxify your system, you’ll also want to lower the load of incoming toxins:

6. Examine where in you life you continue to expose yourself to toxins or chemicals on a daily basis – non-organic foods, processed foods, coffee/alcohol/sugar, mainstream body care items, lots of time on the cellphone or in front of the TV/computer, relationships that persistently produce negativity and stress – to name a few. Ask yourself, how can I eliminate, set limits on, or neutralize my exposure to this potentially harmful substance?

This is a starting place, and a cleansing lifestyle can look very different from person to person. You’ll know it’s working when you feel lighter, more energetic, more positive and happy.

If you feel depressed, low energy, are experiencing health challenges, are stubbornly overweight, or feel stuck physically, emotionally or spiritually, then I recommend experimenting with implementing as many of these principles as you feel you can at this time.

There is often a need for guidance at some point along this journey. Please consider attending a Community Cleanse class, a series of herbal/nutritional consultations or enrolling in a 6-month Holistic Treatment & Health Coaching Program.

Happy Cleansing!